Menkoi Ramen House

Welcome to Menkoi Ramen House

Menkoi Ramen House serves up authentic Japanese ramen noodles in Columbia, SC. Always fresh, fast, and delicious!, At Menkoi Ramen House, we are focused on quality. Our ramen shop is dedicated to the highest crafted ingredients and intensely detailed preparation. We hand-craft our stock with care and allow for it to cook all day long until the broth has reached perfection. We offer a variety of soup flavors, so you can experience the uniqueness of each individual bowl. Our most popular bowl is the Spicy Ramen Tonkotsu. We are also open everyday and stay open late on weekends, so you can satisfy your ramen cravings at all hours of the night. Our friendly staff is committed to bringing you excellent service and delicious noodles at all times. Enjoy our quick serve style of eating without skimping on the quality!



Haleigh Christmus
Oh how I love this place on a cold rainy day! I love to get a Japanese soda and get the spicy Ramen that combo is perfect. The appetizers are also very good. My favorite are the dumplings. The atmosphere here is exactly what it needs so be. A hole in the wall cozy little ramen...
Nancy Grunewald
Attn: Owner(s)~ I just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to your sweet, kind, efficient and genius of an employee from this past Saturday night. How does he do it? Super powers? I think so!! He remembers where everyone is seated while calmly taking orders for people with a line out...
Kiesha Thomas
First time here was great!! I loved it. Food was great. I saw a lot of reviews recommending the Spicy Ramen & it was so good. Customer was also amazing!! Definitely coming back!
Kendra Musgrove
It was a good experience. I got my spicy sauce on the side, but once I added it all the flavors came together for a delicious creation. Wasn't too expensive and was a nice amount of food to enjoy. I'm definitely going back for more.
Fisher Francis
This spot is my favored. I go to plenty of restaurants but to this one I go the most. The stuff is very friendly and the cuisine they cook is so good. I am always happy to have a nice dinner in this place. I recommend this place with pleasure.
Jamita H.
I've been eye balling this place for about 2 years now and I've watched reviews go up and down about this place. So today I decided to try it and I am so...